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Metene Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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Metene Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Kit With Large LCD Display, Irregular Heartbeat Monitoring Fully Automatic Fast & High Accuracy Reading(90 Reading Memory)

Metene Blood Pressure Monitor

How to get an accurate measurement value?
  • Comfortable seated
  • Legs uncrossed
  • Feel flat on the floor
  • Back and arm supported
  • Remain still and keep quiet during measurement
  • Measure your blood pressure at the same time every day
  • Don't measure right after physical exercise or a bath

Package list

  • Metene Pressure Monitor
  • Adjustable Large Cuff
  • 4 x AAA batteries
  • A portable storage bag.

WHO blood pressure classifiction

  • Optional:Systolic Blood Pressur:90-120mmHg ; Diastolic Pressure: 60-80mmHg|
  • Normal:Systolic Blood Pressure:120-130mmHg ; Diastolic Pressure:80-85mmHg|
  • High-normal:Systolic Blood Pressure:130-140mmHg ; Diastolic Pressure: 85-90mmHg|
  • Grade 1 hypertension(mild):Systolic Blood Pressure:140-160mmHg ; Diastolic Pressure: 90-100mmHg|





One Button Operation

Metene Blood Pressure Monitor is very suitable for household use. It only needs a button to monitor the change of blood pressure at any time. It is simple and fast.

Large Adjustable Cuff

Metene Blood Pressure Cuff is Large and adjustable.

When you are measuring,the position of the pipe should be located on the center line of the left middle finger. Keep your palm up.

90 Reading Memories

Metene Blood Pressure Monitor,It can store 90 sets of measurement values, including date, time ,conveniently check the changes of blood pressure.

High accuracy

The Metene Blood Pressure Monitor use the advanced oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement, gives you the most accurate reading which is vital in managing high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Monitor
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