Cotton Tissue

Soft Cotton Tissue 6 Pack Hypoallergenic and Unscented Facial
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Do you have such troubles? There are more and more pimples and blackheads on the face. Towels are usually placed in the bathroom or a relatively humid and cold place. It's easy with mites! At this time, if you wipe your face, mites will immediately attach to your skin, causing you many skin problems. Do you have such troubles? After washing your hands, use normal tissues to wipe your hands, many debris of tissues stays on your hands. Do you have such troubles? When you have a cold, you often need to wipe your nose. After wiping too much, there will be tingling around the nose and even slight redness and swelling. Metene cotton tissue can help you solve these problems. It is a perfect alternative to ordinary paper towels and wet paper towels. Soft 100% cotton and no additives Dry and wet dual use Extra thick Super absorbent Washable,...