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100 * Universal Designed 30G Lancets

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【Reduce Pain】: The outer diameter of these 30G lancets is only 0.31mm. It makes the wound smaller, reduce pain, and faster healing. For diabetics and other groups collecting blood samples several times a day, the virtually painless testing is much better.
【Strong Penetrating Power】: The lancets tip is manufactured from high-quality surgical steel and it is very sharp because of the cutted tri-bevel tip. The strong penetrating power can pierce the skin instantly to minimize the wound and collect enough blood samples at one time.
【Universal Design】: These lancets are suitable for virtually all lancing devices for blood testing on the market. The universal design avoids the incovenience of purchasing and using.
【Sterile and Hygienic】: After molding, using ionizing irradiation to sterilize the lancets tip and the sterilizing effect is more significant. One-time use prevents cross-infection, healthy and hygienic.
【Much More Economical】: Wholesale price of these lancets to really reduce the economic burden of groups such as diabetes.
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