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Baby Carrier, 4-in-1 Adjustable Infants Holder

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Focusing on health, comfort, and style, this top-rated baby carrier would be ideal for all parents.

1. 4 carry positions

4 carry positions of this baby carrier to suit baby’s different stages and different situations. 

2. Keep baby growing healthily

2.1 Legs: keep M-shape

This baby wrap carrier keeps baby's legs natural M-shaped when sitting according to the research of IHDI, which is conducive to the development of the baby's hip joint.

2.2 Spine: keep C-shape

This child carrier keep your baby's spine C-shape and no pressure. Newborn's spine is almost "C" curved and particularly soft and delicate.

2.3 Head: hold and protection

Comparing to baby wraps, the head pad supports little baby’s head and makes sure it won’t shake back and forth to protect the growing cervical vertebra. It can be folded down when facing out.

3. Reduce your burden

Wide shoulder straps distribute pressure, waist belt provides lumbar support so this baby sling prevents shoulder pain and lower back pain.

4. Suitable for different body types

The straps could be tied as H or X type and the later one is more suitable for petite parents .

Extra belt can be folded up and held in place by the elastic loop.

5. Strong and Long-lasting

With strong buckles, this baby backpack carrier could be adjusted without snagging & loosening and afford max.33 lbs/15kg.

Excellent light resistance of material and no deformation make it long-lasting.

6. Convenient and Clean

Removable baby bib keeps baby, you and the infant and toddler carrier clean.

Machine washed and easy to dry.  

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