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Metene Neck wear Tie On Snap Closure 2 in 1 Stars Stripes Patriotic Red White Blue

$12.99 USD

Brand: Metene
Listing Date: 2018.11.26

This is a 'tie on with snap closure' type dog bandanna, blue stars on white background on one side. Red and white stripe on the other side. Ties up to 15 inches neck size. Measures 6 inches from neck to chest and 20 inches to tie around your pet's neck. Easy on. Easy off. You wrap it around your pet's neck and adjust by tying once or twice and secure with a snap. Tie twice to fit a smaller neckline. Tie once to fit up to 15" neck size. Or just simply use the snap closure to give another inch wiggle room. So this adjusts to fit small to medium/large size dog or cat. Always double stitched, nothing glued. Each piece is unique.

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