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Metene TD-4116 Blood Glucose Monitor Kit, 100 Glucometer Strips, 100 Lancets, 1 Blood Sugar Monitor, Blood Sugar Test Kit with Control Solution, Lancing Device

Model: B08LYC288R

  • Excellent Accuracy: metene TD-4116 blood glucose meter and strips are produced with industry-leading chips and biosensor, equipped with industry-leading technologies, conducive to get accurate and reliable measurements
  • No Coding: The blood sugar meter gets into measure status automatically once insert the blood sugar test strip to the bottom of the slot, easy to use and easy to read with large display for the senior
  • Fast and Reduce Pain: This blood glucose monitor takes just 7s and 0.7µl blood to get the glucose value; The lancing device has 5 depth options to minimize wound and reduce pain
  • Better Data Management: This glucometer stores the newest 450 blood glucose values and display the continuous 14/21/28/60/90 day average; the measurements could be exported with windows-based software; help you track and manage your blood glucose better
  • Diabetes Testing Kit 207 Piece Set: 100 glucometer strips, 100 30G lancets, 1 blood sugar meter, 1 lancing device, 1 control solution, 2 batteries, 1 protective wallet and 1 user manual; Please feel free to contact us if any problem when using this Diabetes testing kit
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Blood Glucose Monitor Kit with Test Strips and Lancets


Metene TD-4116 Blood Sugar Test Kit

Metene TD-4116 blood glucose monitoring system provides the elderly, the pregnant, diabetics, obese and other group of people best care to prevent the occurrence and development of Diabetes.

4 Testing Modes for Choosing:

  1. QC - control solution test
  2. AC - before meal
  3. PC - after meal
  4. Gen - any time of day
  • No Coding
  • 0.7μl Blood Sample
  • 7 Second to Read
  • 450 Data Storage
  • 14/21/28/60/90 Day Averages
  • 4 Reminder Alarms
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Carry
This Diabetic Testing Kit Includes 207 Pieces:
  • 1 blood glucose meter
  • 1 lancing device
  • 100 sterile lancets
  • 100 glucometer strips
  • 2 AAA alkaline batteries
  • 1 control solution
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 protective wallet

Normal Plasma Glucose Range for People without Diabetes:

(Source: American Diabetes Association)

  • Fasting and before meals: less than 100 mg/ml (5.6 mmol/L)
  • 2 hours after a meal: less than 140 mg/ml (7.8 mmol/L)

No Coding

Insert the end of the contact bar into the meter firmly until the strip will go no further, make sure the front side (blue) of the strip face up when insert, then the blood sugar monitor will be ready to check the blood glucose value.


Less Painful

Only 0.7µl blood sample required, less painful and more friendly.

The feature of automatic siphon keeps blood from being wasted.


Fast and Easy to Read

Just 7 second to get the measurement after applying the blood sample.

Easy to read for the senior with large display.


Track and Manage the Data

Large storage of 450 data, the continuous 14/21/28/60/90 day average measurements help you track and manage your blood glucose better.

The data could be exported and transferred with windows-based software.


Accurate and Reliable

The meter and strips are equipped with industry-leading biosensor and technologies.

The strips are with strong Anti-interference, free from the interference in the presence of galactose, maltose, or fructose in blood glucose tests, conducive to get more accurate and reliable measurements.


4 Modes & 4 Reminder Alarms

4 modes to make the glucose trend could be displayed and tracked more clearly. Different modes have no effect on the measurement process and results.

4 reminder alarms could be set throughout one day, remind you to do a test in time.

Self-monitor Your Blood Glucose Level


Insert the strip


Collect blood


Apply blood


Result in 7s


Warm Tips to Get an Accurate Testing Result:

  1. Before blood collection, wash your hands with warm water or neutral soap and rub the finger for blood collection repeatedly until the blood volume is rich.
  2. You could disinfect finger abdomen with 75% alcohol, collect blood after alcohol evaporated.
  3. Before each test, make sure that the surface of strip is free from moisture or other contamination, and avoid touching the absorbent hole and contact bars of the strip.
  4. Close the cap of the vial immediately after taking out the strip. It is best to use the strip within 3 minutes after taking it out.
  5. After the blood drop is formed, wipe off the first drop, collect the subsequent one to test.
  6. Make sure enough blood is collected at one time, don't add blood for a second time.
  7. If it didn't bleed after pricking your finger, or the blood is insufficient, it is best to hang your hand naturally and wait for 5 seconds. If necessary, squeeze from the center of the palm to the fingertip. Do not directly squeeze the fingertip. Or adjust the depth of the lancing device to collect blood again.
  8. Take turns to collect blood from different fingers. Blood collection on the ventral side of the finger is not only less painful, but also adequate.


  • Product Dimensions : 4.53 x 2.36 x 6.3 inches; 8.82 Ounces
  • Batteries : 1 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • Date First Available : October 27, 2020
  • Manufacturer : Metene
  • ASIN : B08LYC288R
  • Downloads

    B08LYC288R User Manual


    Metene TD-4116 Blood Glucose Monitor Kit, 100 Glucometer Strips, 100 Lancets, 1 Blood Sugar Monitor, Blood Sugar Test Kit with Control Solution, Lancing Device

    Metene TD-4116 Blood Glucose Monitor Kit, 100 Glucometer Strips, 100 Lancets, 1 Blood Sugar Monitor, Blood Sugar Test Kit with Control Solution, Lancing Device