The Lencoo History

Necessity is the mother of all invention – and for Lencoo, inventing travel pillows was no exception. After one too many uncomfortable flights, founder Lindsey Lee decided that there must be a better way to travel.

Established in 2007, Lencoo's mainly product are “Purefly” travel pilliows and sleep masks. They are sold massively in Amazon. Purefly focuses on healthy products that can improve our sleep and lifestyle. Purefy always offer great products and service for all the customers.

In 2010, as a mother of one-year-old girl baby, Lindsey also met some difficulty in baby-sitting. She tried several digital thermometer and no one was long-lasting and accurate. She want to invent some baby-friendly and trustable digital thermometer. That’s how ANKOVO and METENE digital thermometer lines were born. At Lencoo, we believe that healthcare products in the home should always accomplish two things: reassure and comfort the user.

Lencoo has more than 100 employees now, including engineers, sales, designers and support team. They are passionate youngsters who love home and commuting industry. Join us if you have the same passion with us!