About Metene

Metene is a at-home healthcare brand that sells and ships from US. 

Metene is a brand which focuses on at-home healthcare, and all products are designed with world's advanced technology. We provide high quality and guaranteed products, and first class after-sales service to help our customers get the best shopping experience from us.

Starting from an electronic thermometer, Metene has received countless appreciation since the launch of the first product. The daily sales volume has exceeded 10,000, which has sent health care to countless families. This is the starting point of Metene. Today, Metene has launched various products such as Oximeter, Blood Glucose meter, and Blood Pressure Monitor to provide timely monitoring of various health indicators to help user better care for their health.

Metene's footprint is around the world, especially in the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada and other countries. The products are very popular among these countries. Metene is going to establish a flagship store around the world as well.

Whatever you need, it's right here on metene.com. You can also visit our best-selling store on Amazon.