Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm BP Cuff Machine, Accurate & Automatic.

Please read the user manual carefully before first using ·Avoid eating and smoking as well as forms of exertion directly before measurement. Theses factors influence the measurement result. Find time to relax by sitting in an quiet atmosphere for about ten minutes before talking a measurement ·Remove any garment that fits closely to your upper arm ·Always measure on the same (normally left) ·Always compare measurement taken at the same time of day, since blood pressure changes during the course of the day, as much as 20-40 mmHg. Features: Easy to use: You only need to put on the cuff, click the start button, and the blood pressure monitor will automatically start to broadcast and measure, which is very simple and easy to use Dual power supply: The blood pressure machine supports two power modes, you can use 4 AA batteries or USB charging supply to provide power support. (AC...